Guest Program 

Wednesday’s Guest Programcooking

GRAIN is not your run-of-the-mill cooking class, but in essence, a Vietnamese culinary experience. We aim to inspire and excite one's palate to the vast array of delicate and aromatic flavours that make up Vietnamese cuisine. In addition to learning the fundamentals of food preparation and presentation, guests can expect to experience a glimpse of Vietnamese history and hands-on approach allows guests to select and choose their own produce, herbs, spices, and sauces, with the hopes of instilling confidence in their own abilities to create a beautiful 3-course meal from start to finish.

The activity starts with a trip to the market to learn about local ingredients then back to the class to start hands on making your own lunch. Wine pairing will be offered during the activity.

Thursday’s Guest ProgramPHS Xuan Spa Entry

We invite you to enjoy the spa at the Park Hyatt. Your guest’s spa selections can be made during the registration process.

Xuan Spa offers a gateway to overall wellness and rituals inspired by Vietnamese beauty and health traditions. Great care has been taken to select the finest floral, botanical and mineral resources from the Mekong for of all Xuan’s spa experiences. Every treatment combines natural healing using Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and techniques of the highest quality and purity. Blends of Lotus essential oils, plant extracts and rice water essence are chosen for their specific properties and to enhance the overall experience.